Giving Tree 2023

February 1, 2024

Every year, our local McDonald's owners and operators place a holiday tree in each of their restaurants throughout central Iowa. Beginning on Black Friday and running through Christmas Eve, customers can take an ornament from the tree, purchase the items, and return that item under the tree at their local McDonald’s.

The 2023 Giving Tree was a huge success thanks to our local McDonald's and everyone who brought in wish-list donation items! We were able to stock our pantries full of essential items during this holiday season. Our total for 2023 was 3,077 items!

Some of these items included...

-133 Mac and Cheese cups

-185 rolls of paper towels

-628 granola bars

-57 sticks of deodorant

-158 travel size toiletries

... and so much more!

We are blown away and by the generosity of our community and everyone's support during this holiday season!