The Johnson Family

March 10, 2023

The Johnson family, from Oskaloosa, Iowa have stayed at our Blank House twice since August of 2022. On August 27, 2022, their youngest son, Boden, was born prematurely at 36 weeks. He was intubated for 3 days, and on oxygen for 7 days. The next hurdle was eating, while he finally passed were they were able to go home. Fast forward to February 2023 - 5 months later - and Boden was on day 15 of RSV and other viruses. They were re-admitted on February 7th. Boden was not eating as much as he needed to, so he got a feeding tube to fulfill his nutrients. A few specialty doctors came in to help direct Boden's future care, and after 7 days of extra care the Johnson's were able to go home as family.

Aaron and Maddy's older son, Samuel, was able to stay with them during their stay in February as well. We are so happy they were able to stay together during this time, and not worry about who would take care of their older son while their youngest was in the hospital. 

Mom said, "The Ronald McDonald House has been a godsend. The first time around, this place helped immensely. This time around, our 4 year old was able to be at the House and visit his brother! The food, accessibility, play areas, family rooms, etc. have been nothing short of amazing."