The Blankenship-Smith Family

March 10, 2023

The Blankenship-Smith family from Lake City, IA stayed at our Blank House for 6 nights from January 14th-20th 2023. Their son, Zadyn was born by C-Section on January 13th in Lake City. He had problems due to swallowing too much blood, and was pumping blood from his heart the wrong way. Blank Children’s Hospital was called, but due to weather could not send a helicopter. The ambulance arrived at 8:30am, and Zadyn was put on a ventilator to be transported. Dad, Cody, and grandma, Shelley, traveled to Des Moines while mom, Dezerae received extra care in Lake City due to her C-Section. They were reunited 3 days later! Cody, Dezerae, and Shelley stayed at our House while Zadyn received care in the Blank NICU.

They were able to go home together as a family on January 20th!