The Anderson Family

March 2, 2023

Collin and Sydney, from Oskaloosa, Iowa, have utilized the RMH inside of MercyOne for both of their babies being born 6 weeks premature, due to mom having preeclampsia during both of her pregnancies. Their daughter, Harper, was born in 2020, and their son, Nolan, was born in October of this year. Both times, they stayed at RMH for 19 nights.


Mom said, "The RMH has been such a blessing. Staying there gave us a sense of home. They supplied us with a comfortable bed, warm meals, gifts, encouragement and so much more. After the birth of our son, I stayed alone at the RMH alone while Collin stayed home with Harper. This was very difficult being alone but it was wonderful to have other families going through similar things in the House to talk to. Harper came with Dad to visit mom at the RMH. The staff was so sweet and let Harper play with a toy wagon. They also gave her a stuffed penguin that she pulled around in the wagon."