The Morgan Family

March 10, 2023

While visiting family in Iowa, Angela and Jamar Morgan ended up being away from home in Michigan for 46 nights after Angela went into labor at 29 weeks pregnant with their twins. Jeremiah and Amaya were born on November 21st, 2021, and spent time in the NICU at Blank Children's Hospital. Angela and Jamar stayed at our Blank House over Thanksgiving and Christmas, and were able to take their beautiful twins home in January of 2022. 

Mom said, "Thanks for taking care of the Morgans and being so kind while we stayed at the RMHC. We are so blessed to have met all of you, everyone was truly amazing. I believe God shows himself through others, and each of you were placed in our lives at a stressful time. The volunteers and staff made it possible for us to get a good nights rest, walk to the NICU daily, and relax not worrying about food or shelter."

We received an update from the Morgans in October of 2022. Here is what Angela shared:

The Morgan twins are soon to be 1 years old on November 21st and we are planning their Paw Patrol Paw-Ty! Jeremiah is hilarious, he has many facial expressions, likes to dance, enjoys being in his sisters personal space, loves to eat and has energy to play from the time he wakes until midnight. He has 3 teeth and the fourth is poking through his gums. Amaya is pretty relaxed, wakes with a smile, loving and enjoys her Daddy’s cuddles. She prioritizes her beauty rest over food but the more we introduce solids the more she is interested to try new flavors and textures. She chews very well for only having her 2 bottom teeth. Both of our babies are loud, when they want to be heard they talk loud and you can’t hear the tv. Lol. Jeremiah could talk all day once he gets started and Amaya could tell all day, she enjoys the sound of her voice. The twins enjoy rolling, crawling, and walking as they discover the world around them. The two are a pair who share a special bond and like to be in close proximity to each other. 

Jeremiah and Amaya are expecting a sister this January and are either getting out the way by walking or will be in the way by getting into everything when their new sister arrives. Mom and Dad are just navigating this new reality of parenthood and continuing to learn and grow to be the best example of a loving and providing family to our children.