Ryan Family

February 13, 2020

The Ryan Family from Cerro Gordo County, IA welcomed Bentley into the world at only 28 weeks in September of 2019. Connie had endured a difficult pregnancy to get Bentley this far.  His lungs were severely under developed even for 28 weeks so he was on a breathing tube for quite some time. Bentley’s 4 older siblings remained in northern Iowa with dad, so they could continue school and dad could work.  They were able to come to Des Moines on the weekends and over Christmas break to be together as a whole.  His big sisters loved all the yummy treats they weren’t used to being spoiled with at home; and the Keurig coffee maker. After having been at RMH in Des Moines for over 3 months, Bentley was transferred to Omaha on New Year’s Eve.  This was heartbreaking for the family to be even further apart, and for mom to start again in a new place. Mom had to drive to Omaha alone with Bentley taken by life flight. They would eventually end up back in Des Moines later in January before going home for good in February of 2020. RMH gave their family of a sense of normal and a chance to be together while the 7th fought for his day to finally come home.