Background Check Policy

RMHC Central Iowa conducts a formal criminal history background check on all individuals applying to volunteer with RMHC Central Iowa. The safety of all Ronald McDonald House (RMH) families is very important to us. RMHC Central Iowa reserves the right to refuse participation to any potential volunteer with a criminal conviction. RMHC Central Iowa does not accept anyone with a criminal felony conviction that may threaten the health, safety, welfare, and ability of other individuals to peacefully enjoy the RMH (e.g., violent crimes, domestic violence, child abuse, sex offenses, illegal drug activity, burglary and/or theft). RMHC Central Iowa also will not accept any individual who provides false, incomplete, or misleading responses during the formal criminal history background check. RMHC Central Iowa also reserves the right to dismiss a volunteer for any other inappropriate, irresponsible, or criminal behavior that takes place while volunteering with RMHC Central Iowa.

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